Everyone reading this could have a very strong social media influence, and why haters can be your best P.R.


Influencer marketing is increasingly becoming a mainstay of the modern-day company’s playbook. For those here unfamiliar with the term, influencer marketing is the practice in which brands collaborate with social influencers across social platforms to promote their products through branded content. It’s a $1 billion-dollar industry. So, it’s no wonder it’s one of the fastest growing business sectors in the past five years.

The ability for brands to leverage the engagement that millennials have with their audiences on social platforms offers enormous potential for brand advocacy and engagement.

Through several mentors, I’ve learned a few strategies to help create a strategy to becoming a social media influencer. And everyone reading this could have a very strong social media effect on brands.

Start standing out by following celebrity or well-known influencers who are great at it and educate yourself on what they are doing. Absorb what they are doing. Learn what they are doing? And that’s the single most important thing you can start doing right now to help yourself: Educate yourself on what they are doing.

Continue building your strategy by investing a great deal of time in finding your niche. It is said, the best business to start is one where there is zero competition.

Then you must understand what is valuable in your niche. Look for ways to release dopamine in people’s brains through your social media. What I mean by that is find things that are highly valued by your audience and talk about them, and within that provide a rarity to your information. What I mean by that is create a solution for your audience to a specific problem and show them.

One of the major unique selling points of influencers is their ability to disseminate content to the people who care.

Unfortunately, brands see influencers as merely channels to push their content from the influencer to their audience. This is the wrong way to look at influencers. Too often, brands make the mistake of spending a lot of money on one influencer, whereas there is a value in the long tail of influencers. The variety of content means that collaborating with them results in higher engagement, more YouTube views and varied audiences.

But as you grow you will find people will hate you.

However, most people don’t realize how valuable their haters are to them. There is a progression that is very common among the successful influencers. Initially, haters don’t even know who you are. They ignore you. Then, they laugh at and ridicule you. After that, as you become more and more successful, they hate you because it reflects poorly on their own life. And then, gradually and over time, they come to love you.

So, understand that you could be in any one of those stages. But it is a process that you are working through. Each stage leads naturally to the next, and the process has been proven over and over again with almost all success stories.

So, don’t hate your haters. Love them, appreciate their free PR, and understand which stage you are in.

But by using the above framework you can increase your chances of becoming an influencer.


Author: somegirlsareimmunetogoodadvice

If you can’t focus you’ll always fail. At 13 I understood reading is a wonderful way to educate your mind to create a powerful force of will. I think there is a lot to say for empowering everyone. Right now. List the things you know you should do for yourself and put actionable steps in place to ensure that you achieve them. Whether you aim to get a promotion at work or set up your very own business, these ideas will only remain dreams until you plan out how you are going to reach them by writing down realistic steps towards hitting your goals. If you can’t focus you’ll always fail.

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