Absolutely no make-up Sunday.


It used to be that making a political statement required protest banners and sit-ins – or at the very least, a hashtag. Now, apparently, all you need to do to is leave your lippy at home.

But what if you decide to forgo make-up totally for a day?

There’s something a bit odd about praising women for daring to bare all. Their ordinary face.

Are women’s natural faces really so controversial that they deserve applause for letting them out in public?

When we tell women they’re brave for simply showing us their normal, unmade-up face, the underlying message is that who they are without all the feminine trappings is just, well, terrifying.

When you really think about it, it sort of is: in a culture that tells women they need to wear makeup, tweeze, wax, shave, tan and cover up greys just to look presentable, our natural state of affairs is pretty controversial. But it shouldn’t be.

Let’s be honest: when a non-celebrity, average-looking woman goes without makeup, we don’t call her brave. Instead, we say that she’s “letting herself go”. (There are whole makeover shows dedicated to such women.) The only people who will ever be gushed over in magazine headlines for their natural beauty are those who were considered beautiful to begin with – and those whom we’re sure will go back to their standard makeup-heavy beauty routine as soon as the photo marketing opportunity is over.

At the end of the day, I care very little whether other women wear makeup. Some women love it, some hate it, and some of us feel conflicted about it. But many of us find it a necessity because very few women are immune to beauty standards – myself included. I rarely leave the house without at least some blush and mascara on. But I have no illusions as to why the thought of going bare-faced makes me so uncomfortable: it’s the sexism, stupid.

But it’s also sexism that makes us believe that celebrities showing their bare faces is a courageous undertaking. It’s not. They’re beautiful by most people’s estimation with or without make-up, and they’re able to avoid the cruelty that everyday women who shun make-up or don’t meet society’s beauty standards endure. But none of us are going to suddenly throw all our make-up away, are we?


Author: somegirlsareimmunetogoodadvice

If you can’t focus you’ll always fail. At 13 I understood reading is a wonderful way to educate your mind to create a powerful force of will. I think there is a lot to say for empowering everyone. Right now. List the things you know you should do for yourself and put actionable steps in place to ensure that you achieve them. Whether you aim to get a promotion at work or set up your very own business, these ideas will only remain dreams until you plan out how you are going to reach them by writing down realistic steps towards hitting your goals. If you can’t focus you’ll always fail.

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